Monday, November 5, 2012


Half of my life i was living in the oval bodyshape, thinking that i actually am VERY feminine, like hourglass type of girls. Sometimes later i was convinced that due to my big chest and boobs i am an inverted triangle -  the one with huge shoulders and no hips. So i hated my chest for a long while. Now as my baby fat had finally dropped off, i have discovered that i am actually a natural H type, where hips and shoulders are almost the same width with a slight waist in between. So, moving to small size actually showed my real figure, that was hidden behing all this fat. How amazing!

So, before finding yourself, girls, just  drop 10 kilos first ;)

But, honestly, to be stylish means to know your weak and strong points, and in my situation, fat only transforms my body into something ugly, but , for example, hour glass bodytype, or pear bodytype with curvy hips, can be ok even with 10 extra kilos on top. You know what i mean ;)
so do you know how to find your way to perfection and define your body type?

1. when you gain weight, you become deeper in profile ? then welcome to the party - you are the boyish type like me, either inverted triangle (shoulders bigger than hips) or an H-type (rectangular with almost no waist, where every extra drop of fat drives you crazy)

2. if you become wider when you gain weight, then you've got a lucky womanly frame, either pear (thin shoulders and tiny breasts) or hourglass (narrow waist and full breasts). Congratulations! 

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